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What is a health coach?

A health coach guides conversations to enable clients to explore areas that they feel need attention.

Coaching is a partnership. We work together to discover and identify the action steps essential to get you from where you are to where you want to be. This space allows for observing and recognizing obstacles, evaluating and re-evaluating practices as you learn what does and doesn't work for you, and for Alicia graduate and diploma regularly clarifying best next steps. Coaching provides the unconditional support, ongoing accountability, and unhurried time needed to focus and reflect in order to generate sustainable changes as you journey along toward your healthiest, best self.

Institute for Integrative NutritionAutoimmune Paleo Certified Coach

Alicia is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the largest nutrition and health coaching school in the world. As the creators of the field they have lead the industry for nearly 30 years. Teachings are led by 90 plus experts and visionaries in the fields of integrative health, nutrition, and functional medicine. The IIN program highlights over 100 different dietary theories while focusing on lifestyle factors that include all of the ways that you nourish your mind, body and soul.

Alicia furthered her education by becoming an Autoimmune Paleo Certified Coach (AIPCC). This specialty training equips practitioners with the science behind and tools for implementing the Autoimmune Protocol, a diet and lifestyle approach geared towards autoimmune healing.


— age 52

When I first reached out to Alicia I was looking for a way to shake up my routine. I wanted to explore if the Autoimmune Protocol would be a good match for me in discovering if there was any correlation between foods I was eating and some auto-immune related symptoms I was dealing with. I also wanted to lose some weight and reduce the amount of sweets I was eating, but at the same time, do it in a way that didn’t feel difficult. Working with Alicia for a bounded time period enabled me to shift my mindset as I attempted some of these challenging changes. She introduced me to many easy and tasty recipes and always focused on my successes along the way, highlighting both big and small. Alicia was supportive and knowledgeable about all things AIP, but she goes deeper than just the food-related work. She asked about and cared about all aspects of my life. I always left our sessions feeling positive, hopeful, and inspired to keep going on my “food adventure.” I met with her for 6 months and I have lost 17 pounds and hugely reduced the amount of sweets I eat…and it seemed very easy! Alicia is the coach for anyone who wants to explore food-related health issues or who just wants to take the time to focus on self-care goals of any kind.


— age 70

I contacted Alicia because I was struggling with some GI issues and wanted to better understand what foods might be affecting me. I wanted to try the Autoimmune Protocol and she not only helped guide me through the process of both the elimination and reintroduction phases, but helped me start eating more healthy food. She is knowledgeable and encouraging, always available for questions. With her help I was able to discover what foods are a problem for me and what foods will support me feeling my best. The biggest tangible change I have noticed is that I understand what and how foods affect me and I now have a better GI situation-and I even lost 11 pounds! If you are someone struggling with GI or thyroid issues, I recommend you reach out to her!


— age 51

Alicia's role in my health journey has been invaluable. I've used many different tools in my health journey but never a health coach. It was during one of our check-in calls that I realized her value. In my head I knew what I should be doing (should being the operant word).

On our calls I realized Alicia wasn't there to judge me, should on me, or shame or guilt me. She was a place I could share my successes, my failures, my misses and help me identify where I was stuck. To be honest, on this journey, I've had good weeks and bad weeks. Surprisingly, it was during my bad weeks that I looked forward to our check-ins the most because I knew Alicia could hold space for my misses, help me see where I was stuck and find the path towards my goal of health.


— age 31

I couldn't be more thankful to have met Alicia. When I first spoke with her it was towards the beginning of my health journey--I was full of anxiety, constantly researching to the point of exhaustion, and completely unsure of where to turn. Alicia has a warmth and kindness that was exactly what I didn't know I needed. Beyond her obvious warmth and empathy, her knowledge base, tips, and support allowed me to finally breathe a sigh of relief and feel grounded for the first time in months. We connected on so many areas-- true genuine connections that allowed for a safe space to heal, ground, and grow as a person--somehow simultaneously. Alicia just has the ability to gently push and support, while also accepting you for exactly who you are. She truly is a special person, and I know my health and life are better off because she's been a part of the journey. "Thank you" certainly doesn't feel like enough.... but despite that, thank you Alicia for sharing yourself, your knowledge, and your heart. You truly make a difference!


— age 26

Alicia is so kind, warm, and compassionate! She is a fantastic active listener and always knows the best questions to ask. She weaves in holistic health lessons while chatting about real life scenarios. It always feels like you are simply chatting with a very knowledgeable best friend. Meeting with her helped me to further clarify my health goals, regularly assess how I was doing with them, and as a result to reduce my anxiety.


— age 25

When I first started meeting with Alicia I was feeling stuck. I was looking for help to change the way I talked to myself and I wanted to implement some new and different habits that would improve my overall quality of life. We met together regularly over zoom for about 8 months where she presented me with ideas and tangible exercises that kept me on track and in pursuit of my goals. But, more than that she really listened to me and my needs and didn’t push me before I was ready. She was so patient, non-judgmental, listened with discernment, and cheered me on in every little accomplishment. She was extremely atune and empathetic and was present to the little things that I wouldn’t expect someone else to engage with emotionally. This made me feel seen and safe to move forward. The biggest change I have noticed is my ability to pause when I am having negative or self-critical thoughts and to re-orient to what is true about me, that I am loved and deserve health. I now choose to engage with myself and others differently, in a way that better supports my desire for health. If you are feeling stuck Alicia will speak truth and value into wherever you are. And then she will walk with you as you are finding your way.


— age 71

For some time now I have been dealing with joint pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. I also wanted to learn more about how my Hashimoto’s could be showing up in my overall health and explore ways that I could better support my body with my food choices. I reached out to Alicia because she has done a lot of research and studying on health and could give me resources and ideas of things to discover and implement. I wanted to see changes in my health based on the information I was learning and to be guided in the ways I could eliminate gluten and dairy in my diet. During our zoom sessions she would make suggestions and discuss steps I could take to follow through and put the goals I identified into practice. The biggest change I have noticed is I now enjoy many new items in my diet and have replaced coffee and milk with alternatives that are helping reduce my allergies. I have learned new recipes that both my husband and I enjoy. We really have changed how we eat and I have seen improvements in my health based on the changes I’ve made. I have made these changes in conjunction with my standard health care providers recommendations who have given me various exercises and modalities that have helped as well. Overall, I believe I have developed some new healthy and sustainable long term habits that I can see have helped reduce my pain, address my gut issues, and support my thyroid. Alicia is kind, patient, encouraging, and presents options in a way that is helpful - no pressure. She truly is a coach!


— age 41

About 1.5 years ago I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease which caused many symptoms including brain fog, chronic pain, and inflammation. As a widow and single mother to 9-year-old twins, the diagnosis was overwhelming. My treatments became a full-time job and trying to stay compliant with some of the dietary requirements with two busy children was really challenging.

Alicia has been such a gift. She has been incredibly encouraging. She has helped me set realistic goals that are achievable. We have spent most of our time meal planning and prepping. This has been so helpful as it holds me accountable and keeps me prepared. We choose 2-3 meals to make each session that is compliant with some of my doctor's recommendations. We make large batches and often freeze the food so I have easy go-to dinners when the kids and I are running from activity to activity.

Overall, I have more energy, I have less physical pain, and love having someone to hold me accountable and keep me prepared.


— age 18

I came to Alicia with my gut barely functioning and feeling hopeless about my situation improving. Over the 6 months that I met with her, I learned true gratefulness for my body and the signals it gives me to ask for my care. I also learned just how much our physical health is connected to our mental health. I've been able to make shifts in the things I choose to believe about myself and my health that have completely changed the way I live. I am now living out of a place of freedom in my mind and my body! I've recognized the power I have to make the adjustments I need, and could never have imagined I'd be at the place I am today with my health. Most significantly, I have found hope for continuous improvement and growth as I give my body the attention it deserves. I'm so thankful for Alicia and the ways I've been equipped with tools to help me advocate for my own wellness. She provided light and a new perspective amidst the heaviness that came from working on my health all alone. She is thoughtful, supportive, empathetic, and carries hope in her approach as she walks alongside you in your health journey.


— age 52

When I was first diagnosed with Hashimoto’s I was struggling with night sweats, fatigue, brain fog, and swell-ees (the name I gave my periodic skin rashes). I wanted to get a grasp on what was going on with my body and did not know where to begin. When I started working with Alicia she was able to provide me with a plan, explain how and why it works, and helped give me a sense of direction. Alicia helped guide me during the process of learning about new foods and how they impact my individual body. I 100% can say my body was healed of inflammation, which I discovered was causing many of the other personal issues in my life. I have no more hives and knowing what it feels like to be in that clean eating space is wonderful! Alicia is very loving, knowledgable, informative, and works with you to set goals taking real life and family into consideration. She has a great way of listening with understanding while also speaking the truth. Alicia is the whole package and working with her provides a place to heal, grow, cry, laugh, cook and-heck-even learn how to follow a recipe for the first time. I felt supported in bringing it all together, experienced an overall re-set, and would say reaching out to Alicia offered me the guidance I needed for my success.

My Story...

Shaky hands, numb spots on my face, hands and feet, muscle spasms, lack of coordination, lead legs, muscle aches and weakness, persistent UTI's, spotty vision, wads of hair loss, heart palpitations, panic attacks, weight gain, and overwhelming fatigue…these were many of the mysterious things I had scribbled down on a list. It didn't happen overnight, but it also wasn't getting better or going away. My body, the thing that had behaved a certain way for 40 years, was no longer feeling familiar to me. The “brain fog” was so intense that the most reoccurring thought I remember having was “I need help.” However, at that time I wasn't even familiar with the term “brain fog. ” Yet, I just knew it was becoming more and more difficult to string words together to form a coherent sentence. The simplest of tasks had become embarrassingly difficult, and I think the moment it was clear to me that something was wrong was when I found myself standing at the kitchen counter unable to decide what to pack in my kids' lunches—a task I had repeated almost daily for years at that point in my life.

I eventually found my way to a doctor who listened and helped me discover how my array of symptoms were related. I was soon diagnosed with Hashimoto's, an autoimmune thyroid condition. On one hand the magnitude of this news was daunting, but on the other, it was a relief to have an explanation that finally connected the dots of my long list of perplexing and peculiar symptoms. I was not crazy after all! This diagnosis became the catalyst for a diet and lifestyle change that provided relief from my symptoms and ultimately helped me get my life back. I have come to both believe in and have experienced the healing power of food as medicine. During this time, I also reached out to a health coach who radically influenced my journey. Her guidance kept me grounded and enabled me to hold on to hope in ways I could not do all on my own. It's largely because of this transformative experience that I wanted to become a health coach myself.

It is my passion to partner with clients who are struggling with inflammatory related issues, who feel tired, stuck, lost, or uncertain of how to move forward. My heart is to cheer you on, remind you that you're not alone, and hold space with you that wellness is possible; there is so much life and health just up ahead!

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